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Smoked Prime Rib.

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Great buy!


Great looking plate!


Great looking sammie!


Nice job!



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Very nice!, i love prime rib and you can't beat that price!


Happy Smoking,

phatbac (Aaron)

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Looking good, got my stomach growlin.



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Everything looks great, except there's something wrong with your thermometer. If I was you I'd pitch it and get a new one! :ROTF



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Ain't nothin wrong with those sammies!!!

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Nice Job, Sqwib!!Thumbs Up


Super Sammy!!:drool----------------:points:


That puts Pat's & Genos' to shame by far!!!:drool




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Great looking cook, man. I really love a good prime rib. I personally think it's the all around best cut of beef. Also your pics are great. I can almost smell everything just from the pics.

Keep up the great smokin', Joe points.gif
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Heck of a deal - great find.  BUT, even better looking sammies. 

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I love everything about those meals! Prime rib, followed by Cheesesteaks! Some of life's greatest pleasures. Points!!!
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Thanks guys, I was left unimpressed with this smoke, will try a milder wood next time. I used one fist size piece of cherry that TBS'-ed most of the day. There was definitely a smoky flavor, my son swars there was bacon in the cheesesteak, I kept telling him it was the smoke flavor on the beef

As Bear pointed out with these PR Smokes, there is literally no drippings.

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Wow, this looks terrific.


Points for great qview.



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