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AMNPS in an offset

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I made some modifications to my OK Joe Longhorn to use it as a cold smoker with an AMNPS.  I've seen a lot of external smoke generators on this site using mailboxes or other piped means in order to reduce creosote/bitterness on the product when cold smoking.  I made a way to "pipe" the smoke from the firebox into the cooking chamber for pretty cheap and with little effort.  This piped system doesn't have the benefit of cooling the smoke but the AMNPS produces some pretty cool smoke anyway.  I did a productless trial run this past weekend and it worked great...just have to add a hotplate or something since it's so cold here in southeast PA.  I want to be able to run it overnight without babysitting.


Video of it in action




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Pretty ingenious...Nice Job!



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Pretty Cool idea...JJ

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That is a good idea!

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I wonder why you couldn't use that for hot smoking too. It would be like a double reverse flow.


Unless that's galvanized, then I guess not. Don't know I'm not a builder.


Anyhow, great idea!!



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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

I wonder why you couldn't use that for hot smoking too. It would be like a double reverse flow.


Unless that's galvanized, then I guess not. Don't know I'm not a builder.


Anyhow, great idea!!



Hi Al, most of the parts are aluminum and the hose manufacturer states they are rated up to 430F but I probably won't use it for hot smoking.  It's not hard to remove and I imagine it would get pretty messy hot smoking.  Also, I wonder if it's effecting airflow in a negative enough way to form dead spots?  Just found a 1000W hotplate at Walmart for $8.64...never expected it to be that cheap, wow.  I'll give it a shot once it stops snowing here, try to get the cook chamber up into the 50's(F).  Picked up some Wild Caught Sockeye for 8.99/lb which is quite a deal around here and have some pork belly just out of the brine.

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I used this set-up for real with some meat and cheese over the weekend.  Since it was 40ºF in the morning on Saturday, I hooked up a hotplate to one of my brewing temp controllers to keep the cook chamber in the 50's.  It worked really well, the a-maze-n AMNPS went the full 8 hours and had maybe another 2 hours left before I extinguished it.  Never had to touch anything.  Put the bacon back on Sunday morning for another 8 hours and again this morning before leaving for work.  I can see the creosote building up in the firebox and ducting...hopefully most is staying off the food.  The Lox turned out perfect after 4 hours but I left the cheese on the full 8 hours on Saturday and I think that was too much.  I'll try to let the cheese relax a week or 2 before sampling again.


Left the door wide open on the firebox.



Bacon, cheese and lox Saturday


Bacon back on Sunday morning.  We also put some English muffins and granola on for a couple hours which was interesting.  If there are still some pellets smoldering when I get home from work today, I'll put some butter on.



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Great set up!  Lots of space with the racks.


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That is an awesome setup. I just got an OKJ Longhorn. Can you tell me where you ordered the parts for your setup from or did you fabricate it? Would really like to duplicate what you did and smoke some delicious cheese.

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I got the materials in store from Lowes and Home Depot.


Sheet metal


Duct starting collar






The sheet metal had to be cut to size and then holes punched.  I drew a template in AutoCAD for the sheet metal that I traced onto the sheet before cutting/punching.  It's drawn to scale in an 11 X 17 border below, I can send you the file if you'd like.





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I picked up everything to set this up and couldn't fine an sheet metal that wasn't galvanized and same with the duct starting collar is galvanized. I'm kind of leery about using it with food even though its basically cold smoke and the temp would be hot at all. Anyone know of using galvanized would be a problem with cold smoking?

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A Galvanized Charcoal Pan would be a bad idea, what you plan? I would not sweat it...JJ

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