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Mods and Repairs to smokers

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I am new to this smoking thing, and have a feeling that there may be a need for some out there who have equipment which is in need of repairs/mods/ updates.


I live in SW Ontario, near Stratford.  I will be retired very shortly, as will my wife.  We have 2 grown kids, and one grandchild.  We have a trailer on a seasonal site, which is where I will be doing most of my smoking activities.


I purchased a cheaper offset smoker a few years ago and found it barely satisfactory- hard to control the temps, subject to excessive leakage, and really a poor design. So, for the most part I used it as a charcoal BBQ with the fire built in the larger smoker chamber, but that was not how it was designed, and the results showed it. However, You Tube has been a great source of info for me, and I can recommend some links if anyone is interested.


Just last year I purchased an uprigtht propane fired smoker, which is much easeir to use, but it doesn't seem to be able to operate any lower than 325 F.


I also find that my searches for ingredients, accessories, etc. lead me all too often to foreign (read USA) websites, which involves a whole host of problems too numerous to mention.  I would like to find Canadian suppliers of such things a curing salts, and rotisserie kits/equipment, for instance.


I hope to hear from fellow enthusiasts.


Cheers to all.

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Welcome to the site.  I bought a cheap offset long ago, as well and after a very short battle with it decided that I would rather spend more money and have something a lot less frustrating.


In case you are not aware of it;  Here is a link to the sites "Canadian smoking group".

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Welcometo SMF!


As Jack said, check out the Canadian group, I'm sure they can help you.



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Thanks, I wrote that intro before I found the Canadian section.  Cheers

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