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Hailing from Western PA

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Hello all, 


My name is Jay... i hail from just north of Pittsburgh, Beaver County.  Ive been brewing and q'ing for over a decade now.  Just recently got into cold smoking and curing meats and sausages.  Ive been making my own bacon from my hogs for last few years...  I raise a lot of my own food on a small plot of land.  Chickens (heavy meat and egg layers), rabbits, upland fowl (pheasant, chukker, rock partridge), ducks and unintentionally a nice fat ground hog everyone in a while.  Myself and my family also keep bees, only a few dozen hives but enough to make some mighty fine meads with the excess.  We also produce about two dozen gallon of maple syrup a year off of our properties combined and maintain a few large greenhouses for food production.  As you can tell food is a major part of my life and i thoroughly enjoy all aspects of it.  


I am a long haul fright train conductor for a living and play fiddle music on the banjo for fun.  I also brew quite a bit of beer and mead.  Thats a whole other monster hobby in and of itself.  


My cooking equipment:  Plethora of dutch ovens and cast irons.  500 gallon trailer mounted pig rotisserie.  various upright drum cookers, double barrel smoker, cold smoker/fermentation chamber.  Webber Kettle Rescue Collection.  I use a ProQ CSG with smoke dust for fish and cheeses (adds no temp and all and much finer smoke) and a AMNPS for cold smoking meats.  I build PID temperature/humidity controlled systems for folks on the side.  Naturally i run control systems on my own.  Not always tho.


Anyways... I'm glad i found this sight.



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Welcome Jay!  Wow!  You've got a lot going on.  Glad you're here.



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Come back when you eat nails for breakfast! Just kidding, welcome to the board!

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texas.gif  Good morning welcome to the forum, from a nice sunny and warm day here in East Texas, and the best site on the web. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.




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Awesome resume Jay!




Looking forward to seeing some of your smokes & equipment!



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