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Hello from Utah

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Well, I'm new to smoking. I live in Utah. I got a WSM in Dec and my wife absolutely hates the taste of charcoal smoked meats. (Maybe I was doing something wrong, who knows!) So I decided to switch over to a pellet grill. I got a Camp Chef 36" smoker pro last night. Not sure if it's the best, but I imagine it will suite me just fine for now. I plan on smoking a couple Boston butts tomorrow. Now I just have to figure out all the tricks to the trade of pellet smoking!
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Welcome to SMF!  Sorry about the WSM woes, I love mine.  Good luck with the pellet smoker, glad you're with us.



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Welcome here Sir, are you letting your meat come up to room temp before putting it into the smoker?  

cold meat = condensation   water and smoke = creosote.  Don't ask how I learned that.


Keep on smokin'                   Ed

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Gearjammer, thanks for the advise! I didn't know that. I let it sit for a little, but probably not long enough. I'll make sure my meat gets to room temp before putting it on the smoker from now on.
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Welcome to SMF!


Unfortunately some people just don't like smoked meat period.  :icon_cry:



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