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lang smoker

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look at a lang smoker the other  day

just wondering what so  special about them is it the name

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I have a Lang 48 Deluxe and could not be happier. It produces excellent BBQ because of the even heat, the reverse flow which forces heat and smoke evenly over the food, it is consistent, and very well built with 1/4 inch steel. The 1/4 inch steel also helps hold the heat and temperatures for long periods of time. I love it and highly recommend it. The steel plate that rest below your grates helps return moisture to the food as it sears and sizzle when the fat and water hit it creating some steam. You can occasionally find a decent price for a used one on this forum. I purchased mine used for about 1/2 the price of a new one.
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The Langs have been around for awhile and have a good reputation.
My Lang has been nothing but good to me and has produced some good Q.
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