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Sunday Fun Day Q-View

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Got some folks coming over today so we're gonna fire up The Meat Locker. Double smoked ham using Bear's step by step again. A Cajun fattie with andouille and pepper jack and a Polish with Swiss, pastrami and sauerkraut. We're also going to be doing a low country boil as well so there will be more Q-View to come.

Couldn't help putting the wife's Valentine's Day gift in the photo too. I count myself to be a very blessed man that my wife will enjoy that Dutch Oven more than 10 dozen red roses. yahoo.gif
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Fatties going in, ham's starting to color up a bit.. Shooting for a 3:00/4:00 finish.
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I'll be here for the finish!





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Off to a great start!icon14.gif
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Looking good.  I'm in.





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I didn't get a chance to post these pics

We are officially addicted to fatties and Bear's double smoked ham lol. Everything came out great and a good day was had bay all. Thanks for looking. sausage.gif
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Great looking spread!


Nothing like eating on newspaper!





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Thanks Al and thanks for the points.
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