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Cast iron griddle

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I received a lodge pro griddle for Christmassy and I'm just getting around to using it.

Here it is out of the box:


I seasoned it with flaxseed oil and it turned out well


I've used the grill pan side a couple of times. It does a nice job on chicken and sausage but I wouldn't think of cooking a steak on it.

I did test the griddle side out with bacon and eggs and the eggs did no stick.

Today I made my Costco run and found boneless short ribs. I have been wanting to make This Korean beef taco recipe that I saw on Diners Drive ins and Dives.

Here's the prep so far

1 lb boneless short ribs thinly sliced


Marinade includes soy sauce, Fish sauce, green onion, and brown sugar

Next I made a dry slaw with Napa cabbage, carrot, green onion, daikon and cilantro


Stay tuned for the griddle action and the finished product.

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Great start!


I'm here!





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The finished product





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Should have mentioned that I was preheating the griddle. I started the feed when the temp reached 500

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Wow, 500 degrees seems mighty hot. Most oils start smoking just north of 400 degrees. Is this the normal temp to use for cast iron searing? I'm not disagreeing; just asking.

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I wanted it nice and hot so the meat would Caramelize a bit.

Your right canola oil smokes at 400 but I didn't get any smoking. It just danced a bit. I did put down the oil then the meat right after that.

My thought was that the cold meat temp lowered the temp of the griddle.

It's an interesting thought though. I'll pay more attention next time.

I'm new at the whole cast iron cooking too so I'm learning as I go.

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I should update this. I am now using the stifle on a gas grill my inlaws gave us. It works great for burgers.


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