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Dutch Rookworst

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I thought I posted this on here a few years ago, but doing a search came up with nothing.
This is my interpretation of a popular Dutch sausage, with some help from others on
It's a great sausage for grilling with just the right amount of heat.


Ingredient Weight in
Pork trim 1800
water 100
NFM powder 30
dextrose 30
Salt 30
Phosphate 9
nutmeg 7
coriander 5
Cure #1 4.5
Black pepper 4
hot pepper 3.3

Grind lean through a medium plate and fat through a fine plate.
These were stuffed into a 29-32 casing, linked and then smoked for 5 hours.

Need to make bigger buns or smaller sausages :noidea:

Thanks for looking, Let me know what you think if you make them.
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They sure look good Dan!


I really like the recipe.


Did you smoke them until fully cooked?


It looks like you cooked them before eating.


I'll have a little mustard on mine!





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Dan they look good Thanks for the recipe



Thumbs Up

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Great looking sausage! I bet they taste great too! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

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Is this the recipe you were looking for?  You posted that it was very good in 2014 (although the thread started in 2010).  You comment is about 2/3 of the way down the page.  There are a couple of variation it looks like you built upon in the earlier posts in that thread.

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I'll take 3 with onions, ketchup, and mustard.
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