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Santa Maria Style Pork Ribs

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Hi everyone,

There's a restaurant in Southern California named The Hitching Post. They have been in business for many decades... Way before I was born! I haven't yet had the chance to eat there, but they have baby backs on the menu. There are also pictures on Yelp showing ribs being cooked on a Santa Maria style grill. All of the meat they serve is cooked on that grill. So... Question. Anyone here ever cooked pork ribs on an open pit, and if so, how did they turn out and taste? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!
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I grew up doing ribs on a grill.


Then I got a smoker & have been smoking them ever since.



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I just ordered a Santa Maria grill along with a vertical smoker mounted on a trailer to be fabricated from Arizona BBQ Outfitters. Should be done in a month or so.

I have never considered doing ribs on a open pit like a Santa Maria and I can't honestly think of a reason why I would want to with a perfectly good smoker available.

A Santa Maria is a incredibly versatile cooking machine and I'm sure it could be done with excellent results.

I can't wait to get my hands on it. I think my inaugural cook on it has to be tri tip. If I can find some that is.

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We cook ribs over the campfire when we go camping. Tasty stuff. When we camp in the desert we burn sagebrush and juniper. The flavors from the wood pair great with the pork.
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Thats how they do it on guam. They are some of the best ribs ive eaten. They soak em in guam style marinade overnight then grilll them on tongan tongan wood. Then cut between bones almost all the way seperated and grill until finishrd. They are not as tender as our traditional smoked ribs but tue flavor is amazing
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