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Seasoning a Gas Grill

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I got approval for a new gas grill and am picking it up tomorrow. Charbroil with ceramic grates , someone on the site gave me a great recommendation when I got a Dutch oven to treat it with Food Grade linseed oil ? Would it be worth the time to treat the ceramic grates with it ?

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If it makes you happy go for it.  If it was me, I'd just light it up on high for 10 minutes and then start cooking.

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I don't see a need. Get it good and hot, wipe it quickly with an old wet kitchen towel as you would a griddle and get cooking.   

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Bought the Charbroil 6 burner ,When reading the reviews someone said Assembly was 15 minutes to 30 LOL !!!!! So I got it put together in a couple of Hr's No problem , Wiped the grates down with flax seed oil then burned it off . Grilled a couple of Steaks when I pulled them off took the brush to the grates and it took 20 seconds. I am going to do a 5 Layer seasoning tomorrow I think it will be worth the time !

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