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Beef tongues

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I put my brining beef tongues into the garage to cure. It has been a relatively balmy Central Ontario winter. On Wednesday nite the temperature plunged to -20*C ( -4*F ).When I went out Thursday morning, the brine had frozen, not solid but to a heavy slush. It was a regular brining solution of Prague # 1 and salt.Will it still be good when it returns to 40*F?

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I forgot to mention that it was only 4 days into it's cure.

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There was a discussion here recently...the curing process stopped in your bucket, but once return to fridge temps it will start again.

You are good to go.
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Here's a video where Jacques Pepin does tongue.  Scroll to episode 111- Offal products.

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Any day where the brine was below 36°F does not count toward the total curing time. The meat was too cold to absorb the cure...JJ

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Yeah, when curing meat, I turn my fridge temp up from its normal setting.


Good luck and good smoking.

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