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3 butts on Superbowl Weekend Qv-iew

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Had a party at work, and as usually I was asked to smoke something up. Walmart (I know its the worst) had Pork Shoulder Picnic roast and Boston butts for just $1.40 per pound!!!

At first I picked up 1 picnic and 2 shoulders and later went back to get another picnic for another occasion. I ended up doing both of the picnics and one of the bostons this weekend, one picnic for the work party and 1 picnic for a superbowl party at my parents home, and one butt to freeze for later.

The picnics as usual had the skin on, and they were just the cryo packed "Smithfield" brand ones. I decided to trim off the skin and some of the fat cap right away so my rub could get in better. Following one of Jeff's recipes I decided to inject one with some Cherry coke (he does cherry DP, but I couldn't find any), then I coated all of them with some mustard and with a rub that I have made (I still haven't purchased Jeffs yet but I do plan to).


I smoked one picnic the first day for the Work thing then the other 2 chinks the next day. I put the first one in at about 4:00pm, then checked at the 4 hr mark and it was just above 142 deg (that's when I put the mav probe in). Then checked periodically throughout the night.


NOW, I NEVER wrap my pork because I like a good bark, but at 5:30am I was concerned about it getting to 205 by 7:30 when I needed to leave, so I threw it info a foil pan with some apple juice and cider vinegar, and wrapped it up. It hit 205 at about 7:05am so I pulled her out and wrapped it in a crockpot liner bag and wrapped it in a towel to take to work.

I WILL NOW WRAP FOR THE LAST COUPLE HOURS ALWAYS, AS PART OF MY METHOD, it turned out amazing and tender and the bark was still very nice, these were the best roasts I had ever done.



I had a hard time lifting the thing up as it just kept falling apart and when I went to pull it I really just had to move my hands aroung in it to get it to come apart nicely.

I then mixed in just a bit of the finishing juices, and as bear recommended I refrigerated the extra juice for a day, skimmed off the fat then vac sealed and froze the rest.

Here were the other 2 in the smoker, I never did take any more pics cause too focused on eating them, but they were just as delicious. Though I will say that I think I prefer the Boston to the Picnic overall.



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Forgot to mention that I smoked them all at 235, they all went for about 13 hours on rack and 3 hours in foil.

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Tasty smoke!
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Looks great! I have begun removing almost all the fat cap for more great bark.
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Great job!





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Thanks for the Points!

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