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Need advice.

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Hi, Im Brad from Australia and new to the lowand slow smoking stuff. i love cooking on the weber and have just been to the melbourne bbq festival and fallen in love with this style of bbq.  i am now looking for a smoker to buy and have found 2 so far. The first is a griller delux and it looks ike a normal bbq and has a smoke box which attaches on the side and is all cast iron, are these any good? the second is a imitation weber smokey mountain and is way cheaper. With so many options i have no idea whic one to get so i need some expert advice please. Want to get one soon as i cant wait wuch longer.


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Do you have any photo's?



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Welcome to the forum!  I'm not familiar with the griller delux but it sounds like an offset smoker.  The tend to need mods to get best results.  I have a WSM and been loving it for almost three years now.  I want to get an offset one of these days, but I need cut out other activities so that I can tend to my fire.


Glad you joined us.



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