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question on pork belly... ☆☆newbie w/belly☆☆

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Good evening gents and ladies. My local meat market has pork belly with skin from Spain for 3.99 a lb this week. I am curious why I would want a belly with the skin and being from Spain will this make better bacon than a costco belly. Any help be greatly appreciated. Got some wedding money that I might want to use on bacon as well as a good brisket... she thinks I'm crazy but I love to smoke and grill meat because it's a relief from my stressful job when I do it.

Thanks SA
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Adam, some bellies just come skin on. It is tedious but not hard to remove and can be made into Cracklin's, Dog Treats or Smoked and added to Beans, soups or anything you want a little pork and smoke flavor. Other guys just leave the skin on and make the bacon.

I am not sure why they are bringing in Spanish Bellies or what breed it is. I can't imagine the famous Spanish Black Footed Iberico Pork Bellies for $3.99 a pound. The price is not bad...th_dunno-1[1].gif give it a try and let us know if there is a difference...JJ

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I gotta say i love bacon. Its my favorite food groups, but what breed of hog does it come from. How thick does the lean band look in it? Some make one helluva fatback, and who don't like fatback in their greens?

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