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Pit builders

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Hello to all, looking for a pit builder in michigan or around northern Ohio/Indiana area. Something like a Lang 48 , yoder witchita etc. Google has let me down so i hope im in the right place to ask the question.
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Welcome Dozer79


ask away

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I'm in Minnesota and we are in a pit builders desert in the northern part of the country. My first trailer pit was built by a independent fab guy in Texas. I'm having another one built by Arizona BBQ Outfitters in Tuscon which should be done in about a month. Not sure what you want exactly but I see Lang's turn up on craigs list around here every so often.

If you are looking for something custom and built right prepare to travel south or south west.

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Shirley fabrication is what i have been looking at 24x42 cabinet cooker to be exact. it would be for home and some larger get togethers of 50.I hear alot about the langs and yoders and a buddy of mine has a yoder but the shirley seems to call my name just didnt know if there were any local guys making those kinds of pits i like to deal local first. Thanks for the replies. good luck on your pit 3montes.
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Found the same thing I'm in southern Michigan, so I built my own. Even paying for 3/8 steel pipe saved quite a bit of money. I know you can get a horizon at bass pro but that's as good as I found without paying an arm and leg for shipping. Good luck!
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Try Meadow Creek in New Holland Pa. Look them up on web they have dealers all over the place.

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Thanks for the help everyone. Prestonk08 were did you get 3/8 pipe if you dont mind me asking. I have a back ground in welding its been awhile but i think i could fab something up if the price was right.
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Got the pipe from Galloup. It's a piping company in Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids. They have mostly 20" pipe. I wanted 24 but I guess they don't get it that often. Hard to find around our parts. It was and is fun making it. I'm almost done with mine.
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Seen some of the pics you posted looking good.
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Thanks! Looking forward to having a full summer with it and getting to know her. 👍
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