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Jeffs Book

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Hey a quick question for us un-educated. Is Jeffs rub recipe that he has for purchase the same as the one in his book? I have his book so I figured if it's in there I won't purchase it.
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Hi, the only way to get Jeff's recipes for his rub and bbq sauce is to buy them. They are not in his book.
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Poop. Ok thanks for the update sir. 👍🏻
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No problem, the money jeff gets from selling his recipes helps to keep this very informative web site going. Well worth it imho, have a good day.
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You got it! That was the plan just making sure.
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I am always picking up different rubs but when I am cooking for a group I ALWAYS USE JEFF,S RUB AND SAUCE it is cheap for the product !

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Right on thanks! I have used the rub from the book a time or two so I'll have to try his other stuff as soon as it gets a little warmer out. My smoker is plenty thick to smoke when it's 20 out but no door gasket yet so, gotta keep it a little warmer. Thanks guys!
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I saw an interesting pic on my fb post the other day. Was trying to post it here, but not having much luck. Guess I'm better at cooking than using smart phones.
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Trying again....
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Just a testimonial to Jeff's BBQ sauce recipe. I made ribs for my office crew and whipped up a batch of his recipe. Long after the ribs were gone, people were looking for anything - veggies, bread, etc - to dip in the sauce they liked it so much.

Good stuff
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Yes....good stuff. Not only the sauce but the rub as well. The recipes are very user friendly and can be easily tweaked to your personal taste. I have used both of them almost since I've been here and have gotten excellent comments from family and friends. I usually take out a little heat and add a little sweet. You can't beat'em.
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That's why I love this forum you guys are great!
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  Ok, So here is my question... Can I buy together as a package Jeff's book and rub / sauce? instead of going through separate channels to buy? 

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I don't think so because the recipes are emailed to you
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Ok, Thx. I will begin shopping :-)

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