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Better Late than Never

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I smoked an 8 1/2 pound Boston Butt for Super Bowl/birthday celebration with the family. Started the smoker Saturday afternoon and let it go all night. Started with hickory and cherry wood chunks for my smoke, then switched over to my AMPTS with 50/50 hickory and cherry pellets so I could let it go and get a little sleep. Maintained the smoker at about 250* F and pulled the butt 15 hours later at 203* F IT.

Rubbed with Jeff's Rub about an hour before putting in the smoker.

Looks done to me!

Time to wrap and rest it.

Pulled nicely. Looks and smells good!
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Yummy Yum Yummmm.


You got a nice butt.

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Really nice looking cook. icon14.gif
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:banana_smiley:  Great looking butt there good job.

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Looks great! I love cooking overnite!
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Looks delicious!    Great job.

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Great looking pan of pulled pork.  Thumbs Up

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Looks absolutely delicious!!



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