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Two briskets in one week; plus some pork butts and chicken - Qview

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A friend of a friend found my Instagram and after recommendations from the aforementioned friends, she offered to pay me to cater her husband's graduation party. The brisket and pork butt were seasoned with course black pepper and course Kosher salt over post oak at around 265 degrees. Originally I was cooking a brisket and chicken quarters for 10-12 people but the party quickly grew to 30. I added a pork butt to the smoker and there was more than enough food.


2 hours in

8 hours in and transferring to covered pans to finish and deliver

After 12 hours of cooking and a little over an hour of rest, we started cutting and pulling everything. The guest dove in before I was able to take any pictures of the smoke rings.


Just a bonus picture of the bourbon and brown sugar chicken that was cooked over a mix of cherry and post oak. 

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Riding the high of success and at the suggestion of several friends, I offered my services to all of my social media followers for Super Bowl Sunday. I was able to sell two briskets and two pork butts. Not one to mess with a good thing, I cooked these the same way I've cooked all the others and received nothing but compliments.


Since my phone is full with tons of BBQ pictures, I didn't take too many this time around. These are the best pictures of one of the briskets I did.


2.5 hours in 

6 hours in

10 hours in and only wrapped for 190-203 degrees

Separated the point and the flat

The customer had me show him how to cut it and gave me a couple of slices. Need to work on my slicing and plating, but the customer didn't care.

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Looks good to me.


Keep on smokin,                  Ed

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Everything looks great.


Sounds like you may be able to quit your day job!



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Looks like you got it figured out, some nice smokes
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Great looking brisket, chicken and pork butt.

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Nice smoke ring :drool

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That all looks tasty! Do you use the same amount of post oak as you would with other woods? I bought some and found it very pungent.
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I use very little post oak compared to hickory, mesquite and apple wood I've used in the past. I don't know if it's the same for everyone, but I find it to burn slower and smoother for me. Hickory burned too fast and mesquite seemed to over-penetrate and overpower the meat. I usually throw a handful, 2-3 four inch chunks of wood, in the smoker every 2.5-3 hours during the smoke.

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Nice smoke.



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