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my first ever attempt at building a smoker and looking for advise

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First off sorry for the pictures it's dark when I get off work
It started off as a propane tank laying on my property
It has a 22" diameter
Stack is 33" tall and 4.5" round
Tank is 73" long end to end (approximately)
The two cooking spaces are 26x22 inches as well
Also I used 1 1/2 flat iron around the doors with a 3/4 inch lip

Note: this is also my first ever welding experience with a cheap harbour freight Flux welder

I feel the expanded metal won't stay (bbq'd on it because we'll I couldn't wait to do something with it) it warped and doesn't seem like it would last I even had to add some square tubing for support and might replace it with 1/4 round stock but could use some input on this

For hinges I snagged some 3/16 steel hinges from my old work and arched them over the expanded metal and seems to work well

This was my temporary contraption so I could bbq on it and will be cut off just above this and to the tank seem to fit the fire box, this I am needing help on for the dimensions as It has just been a guessING game to this point.

I'm haVing a particular problem with this corner not sitting in like the rest and assuming I could heat the door up and put two wedges and hammer the corner in but any advise on this would be greatly appreciated,
I'm thinking of using 2 clamps on the bottom corners of the two doors to help seal it, what are you guys using for a gasket?

So my main questions are
•how can I fix the door
• how big of a firebox
• is my stack close to the right dimensions or does it need to be taller/shorter?
• Opinions on door clamps
• gasket
And a side note I am debating on a Regular draw threw or a reverse flow firebox any input?

Thank you and I hope this turns out half decent being my first post, I'm sure I forgot some and can update or post better pictures upon request
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you might try posting this on the smoker build area. they can give you better information possibly


Keep On Smokin,



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What is its name David450?


It has to have a name.


Nice start what do you have from here. Welcome to SMF

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Heck haven't thought of naming it, could you direct me to the building area? Im Not to shabby with forums sorry, and I'm really looking to get a firebox estimate size, I'm thinking something like 9k cubic inches. There's sooooo many questions to ask but the box and fixing the door are my main concerns
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And a side note the only money I have invested in This is a welder and mask everything else has been free, maybe "cheapskate"?
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We all live in a yellow submarine........


canary yellow....


Check out my post in propane smoker builds... I love cheap.


Just look thru the forums... sorry but I never post links. Old habits, and all.

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Hey cheap is the best form of paying. You will learn to cook on that smoker before most people who buy one. That's what makes it worthwhile.

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On the top menu is link that says "Forums," click on that and look down halfway down the list and you'll see a link for "Smoking Supplies and Equipment," click on that and the second down on the list is "Smoker Builds". A lot of sharp guys to help you there and quick to offer help. if you look around there for threads already posted or use the search function (looks like a magnifying glass) in the upper right and type in "firebox dimensions" you may find specific answers already posted.

Good luck! Great "cheap" project!
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I Appreciate it guys you've been a big help I'll move this over there ASAP today
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