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New smoker build

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From Ohio building a 120 gallon smoker need help wiTh the box I have a 16inc height by 18 inch width by 30 inch long with 3/8 plate wondering if this will be good enough
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I'm gonna ask the offset flue dimensions. It should match the heat box exit dimensions id think to equalize the cooking chamber. Then sizing the chimney is where id look next. I first want to know.


How much thermal load are you looking to add to the cooking chamber? Takes a lot of BTU to overcome 150 lb of meat within safe tolerances.


Do you really need 3/8 plate for 120 gallon? I know it will increase your buffer for BTU input, but what distance from the plate will the meat be to control humidity levels in the cooking zone?


Remember heated fluids, even air stacks in layers. Since temperature and atmospheric pressure are relevant, determining rack height and thermal load is the key to a smoker.


A smoker is designed to work within certain boundaries. Each smoker needs certain values met to function properly to produce the end product desired.


The right amount of meat to the right amount of heat.

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I'm not really sure what your saying could you explain it a little more simple like I said its my first smoker build
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Im sorry I misunderstood.. you meant that you are building the heat box from 3/8 plate. I was referring to using 3/8 plate in the cooking chamber as the offset plate.  Its obvious also that you did not specify if this is going to be an offset smoker.


3/8 plate is more than sufficient for me to build the box heat box from.


Have you researched offset horizontal smokers?

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Yes offset smoker and no I haven't researched that I will take a look. but with that being said would that box be sufficient? Or need to be Bigger
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There are a number of calculators to help in design of a horizontal offset smoker. So I cannot say because I don't know the other variables needed to calculate like your tank diameter & length rack height intake size ..... But be patient and see about moving this thread to the smoker build section here. There are alot of peeps here that know what you need to do and will help you along the way.

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texas.gif  Good afternoonand welcome to the forum, from a nice sunny and warm day here in East Texas, and the best site on the web. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.




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I have 24"x24" 1/4 plate that would be sufficient enough for my reverse flow offset smoker so you think so
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Here's some recent updates on the build
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Looking Good



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I have a 3/8 plate for my revese flow I need some opinions if it will work or not any help is appreciated
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