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I have just purchased a Masterbuilt 2 door, propane gas, smoker [model 20051311] In Thailland.   I am a newcomer to smoking so am finding the experience exciting.   So far - so good [beginners luck??].   The only criticism I have is in the gas control.   From what I read you would never use the high or medium setting as that creates too much heat [other than for cleaning the unit].   Even the low setting is too high to obtain a typical 200-260F temperature.   Fortunately the dealer was able to show me how to juggle between high and off to get the right degree of gas which is still quite difficult and frustrating.   Am I missing something?   Another problem  -  the unit came with a small cast iron fry pan in which to place the wood blocks which makes it easier to clean.   However I am having a problem in getting the wood blocks to char and thus do not get the quantity of smoke I would like.   I am using oak blocks which I bought along with the unit [very expensive here in Thailand at almost USD100 for a small box imported from the USA - am going to try out the local fruit tree wood of which I have plenty on the farm].   When I started with curing the unit the blocks charred easy at 400F!!!   Any ideas / suggestions from you experienced smokers will be appreciated.   Thanks,   Iain in Thailand 

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Research needle valve for getting your temps under control.

As for the chunks not smoldering at lower temps you may need to add a lit briquette or two to the pan to help the wood get going.

This is the needle valve to look for. It is made by a company called bayou classic.

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