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Super Bowl Salmon Nuggets

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Since I modified some light weight racks to fit the MES40 for fish smoking, I thought today would be a good day to give them the test.

9# of local King Salmon caught by yours truly and his way better half.

In a simple dry brine of 4/1 ratio of dk brown sugar / non iodized salt.

3+ hours after starting the brining process

Air drying for 2+ hours. Note the bottom rack seems to be split into two. Right side pieces were not rinsed. Dried Stick
has been bugging me to try some Salmon without rinsing it after brining. So.....OK, why not! Won't taste it until tomorrow.

3+ hours after being in the smoker on the new racks which by the way worked perfectly.


Back in the kitchen to rest with a little diluted honey and coarse black pepper added at the last minute.




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Looks great Craig! Nice smoke!
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Looks delicious. I'd eat a bunch.

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Looks awesome to me....  I'd eat it.....  

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That is amazing - Looks like those additional racks are serving you well my friend - Nice!

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Lookin' good Thumbs Up I'd love to sit down with that tub and a fork. 

I've smoked at least 17 zillion salmon but never tried nuggets. Those cute little chunks look like the perfect thing to put in my daughters lunch to take to preschool!

I usually do my salmon in strips. Is there a reason why you chose this cut?

I've tried mopping with honey both before and/or during the smoke but never after. It seems to me that the honey gets too runny when it heats up in the smoker and ends up almost entirely dripping off the fish and down onto the pan, so adding the honey after the fact is a good idea. Nice work. Be sure to let us know how the rinse vs. no rinse comparison works out.   

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