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I don't know about you guys...

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But I'm checking my meat labels more closely, before I tear open the package. LOL  


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Good one Frank!!!





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LMAO-luckily meat doesn't talk.
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You've got to think the guy who printed that out had to be chuckling.
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Hope you got a discount!
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Edited by Smokin Phil - 7/22/16 at 7:56pm
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Originally Posted by Smokin Phil View Post

Ummm.... I don't think I wanna cook or serve that!

"What's for dinner tonight dad?"

"Smoked..... McDonald's..... "


Ha! I can just see the look on a kid's face!
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Ya gotta think this was done on purpose, by a bored or tired meat cutter.

As long as all the right words are in there, the boss can't complain.  Right?   If it was my job, I know I would do these type things as often as I could.  LOL


Years ago I managed a gas station for a company.  We had a reader board, but never used it much.

One day the president of the company visited me, and told me to put something on the reader board.

I said what?  He said "I don't care, just use the reader board!"  (foolish words).


He left, and I put up on the reader board ... "My boss said to put something up here, so I did."


I left it up there until he heard about it from other business people, and the gas drivers.

He finally showed up again in about 3 weeks, laughing, and said maybe you should change it to business related.

He got a kick out of it, and told me he had many people commented on it to him.  He thought it was great!

But I still had to change it afterwards though.  LOL

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Very good, that one should go on that thread about strange things you say around the smoker.


 Keep on smokin,        Ed

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That label would be perfect for framing!...LOL!



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I can't take credit for the pic.  My Brother took it with his phone while shopping, and posted it on our family site.


But it was too funny not to share with you all.

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