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Jeff's sauce "style"

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I have had Jeff's rub and sauce recipes for a few years now and use both regularly. What style would you consider the BBQ sauce (KC, Memphis, etc.)
I love a good Carolina style sauce (thick, not necessarily the vinegar and red pepper flakes). I'm assuming you could just add some apple cider vinegar to modify the original recipe?
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I don't want to discuss any of the specific ingredients in his sauce, since those are a trade secret, but I will say that it is the best spicy BBQ sauce I've ever tasted, and I use it on lots of things.


I don't think cider vinegar would alter its flavor profile a lot, but give it a try and let us know what you think.

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Ditto on the sauce it is great . Depending on what flavor I am shooting for I have added Apple Juice , Pineapple Juice and Dr Pepper to it .

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I think everyone who has his sauce recipe changes it a little to suit their own taste. As we all do with most of the recipes we get on here.



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So what would those of you who own it consider the style of the base recipe to be? I saw a slew of different styles of sauces Heinz (I believe?) has released and it just got me thinking. My guess would be KC or Memphis.
I, too, alter the sauce a little. Mainly just the measurements of the ingredients to get the sweetness to my liking, but I also add liquid smoke and always double the recipe so that a full 32oz bottle of ketchup is perfect with no guessing.
Off to make some rub to add to Jeff's meatloaf today. Right up there with pulled pork as one of my go-to favorites.
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Proportionally Memphis Sauces have a small amount, if any, Molasses compared to common KC BBQ Sauces...JJ

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To my knowledge I have never has Memphis, only read about it.
KC, it is.
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