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Prime Rib tonight

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I have the Big Green Egg loaded with lump charcoal and pecan wood running at 250 and a rib roast in for the first time.  Simple rub on it, Worcestershire, lightly salted, pepper and garlic powder.  Will run it up to 132 and let carry over finish it up.  Can't wait to taste this tonight.



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I'm in, it sounds delicious!

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I'll hang out for this one!
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Sounds good!!:drool


You're gonna love it---Nothing like a Smoked Prime Rib, especially when you use smoker temps anywhere between 220° and 260°.Thumbs Up




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Just remember; 





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Hopefully you recover from the food coma so we can see some pics!biggrin.gifdrool.gif
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Prime rib is my all time favorite!



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Still no pics?   What's up with that?

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