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Smoked Rainbows

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Took a dozen trout out of the freezer and thawed them out.

Dry brine: 4 cups dark brown sugar, 1 cup salt, 2 tbsp black pepper

12 hrs later (pretty sure this was way too long)

Are they supposed to look like that after coming out of the brine? I know I left them in too long...are they salvageable?
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Smoke them and eat them....    maybe soak in fresh water for a bit to get rid of some of the salt....

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Tried smoking them but after less than two hrs they were hard as a rock. Next time going to use a wet brine and reduce the time.
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I used 2 cups brown sugar to 1 cup Kosher salt, and brined for 12 hours also.  My trout did look similar to yours after I took them out of the brine and rinsed them off.  My trout turned out dynamite.  Not sure why yours didn't?  What temp did you smoke them at?  I was at 160 for the last two batches, got the internal temp up to 140, and they were perfect. 

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