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hi y'all

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New member here from the Hawkeye state.
I've been smoking meat for a few years on my 18" wsm. I smoke the usual stuff: pork; spares and butts, brisket and chicken. I've been asked to cook a loin and butt for a party. I've never smoked a loin, anyone
have advice on cooking the loin and butt together?
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Welcome to the board! Loin is easier and faster than butt. Slice it thin for sandwiches.

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:welcome1:  To SMF glad to have you on board and to help you get around this great sight take the time to read on Home Page the article Initial Greeting it contains a lot of helpful info also on top of Home page there is a search engine to help you.


as to your question you are cooking 2 different types of meat one long and slow to get it to pull pork or not as long to get it to sliced pork but how ever either way with the pork butt it will take a while. The lion is also cooked slow but only about 6 hours IT temp not over 145. so the trick is to get them both smoked and then not dry out the lion by over cooking.

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Thanks for the welcome guys.
I'm going to do an overnight with the butt
then add the loin around 7 hrs before dinner.
Thanks for the tips.
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Welcome to SMF!


You may want to wrap that loin in bacon to keep it moist, and I would pull it at 138-140. The carryover cooking will get it to 145 in about 30 minutes.


Good luck



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