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Milk Bread

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I found this while searching a few weeks ago .  Waiting for cooler temps to do with some comfort food . This was new to me , but maybe someone has done this . Turned out well ,,, Not sure if I can post a link or not , let me know . 

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Recipe and process please. Looks great!
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Bump so maybe a Moderator will answer


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Can you share the recipe!


They look great!



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No links, but you can post a recipe you found on the internet. Just give credit to the author...JJ

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Chopsaw, those rolls look delicious!     Please post the recipe.

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I googled it and have a batch of dough rising


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Richie , let us know how it came out . Post some pics and the recipe you used  please . 


I used one from Kindred's restaurant in North Carolina , posted by Catherine O'Donnell .


5 1/3 cups bread flour 

1 cup heavy cream 

1'3 cup honey 

3 TB nfdm

2TB Kosher salt 

3 eggs ( 2 for mix , 1 for wash  )

4 TB unsalted butter 

1 cup of water 

coarse salt 


Cook 1/3 cup flour with the 1 cup of water into a paste . Not as thick as a roux but same idea . 

add cream and honey mix until smooth 


pour into mixing bowl  (  LET THE MIXTURE COOL SO IT WON'T KILL THE YEAST   she left that part out  ) then add milk powder , yeast , Kosher salt . 2 eggs and the 5 cups of flour .  


add butter 1 TB at a time . 


Put in grease bowl to rise , about an hour . 


So the idea behind this is to form it into separate balls of dough after the first rise , and put into the baking vessel , and let rise again .  


You can figure out the size of the ball  for what you are using . 


After 2nd rise brush with egg wash and sprinkle with coarse salt . 

bake @ 375 . I  checked for IT of 190 . It was perfect , and very good . 

Thanks to Catherine O'Donnell for the original recipe . 

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