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Left curing bacon out overnight

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Hi guys,

I goofed last night. Got out four containers of curing BBB to turn and had them all ready to put back in the fridge when one of my kids needed me. Left them sitting on the counter for 6-7 hours before I found them this morning. They were still cold enough to have condensation on the outside of the containers so I put them back in the fridge. I keep my house fairly cool 68 degrees, and the bacon has been curing for 4 days. So far the wet cure looks fine - not ropy or discolored or anything. Assuming no bad smell when I open the bags, do you think I will be safe? Or is it cut and dried that I should throw it all away?
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I don't have an answer for you, but I can give this a bump so maybe one of the gurus will chime in here...
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You are fine. Sealed bags, in cure with salt, etc and warming took time. Realistically the meat was only above 40° a few hours and in no danger of bacterial growth. Keep them cold and finish the job with confidence...JJ

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Great!  That's what I was thinking, but I just wanted tot make sure.  Really appreciate it!

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