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brisket Tips (color)

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So I have made quite a few brisket in my day and I have finely gotten the taste/tenderness that I want. I was just like some tips on how I can get a really dark bark on it. Right now the color is more of a reddish color which, is fine, cuz it still tastes great but I would like a darker color on the outside. Any tips? Different seasoning or rub? Different wood? Different time? I use a Masterbuilt 40 electric smoker and usually use hickory wood chips. Sorry I don't have pics
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Are you wrapping it in foil?


If you want more bark don't foil.



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Like Al said, don't foil for a good bark, also, some turbinado sugar in your rub could assist with darkening it up too.


What temps are you smoking at and what is the rub you use?

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Just spitballing here. . . . . If you are using water in your MES, try eliminating that.  Those units hold plenty of moisture the way it is and you really don't need a heat sink in an electric like that.  Also, make sure your vents are wide open - too much humidity may be preventing good bark to form.

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