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Sausages Slow To Cure

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First Post!


Below is a photo of 50lbs sausage hanging in my fridge. They are the same color now (12 hours later) as they are in this photo from last night. It's been awhile since I did my last batch and I am thinking that I should see a little pink or curing effect by now.


I need to cold smoke these in a couple of hours (18 hours since stuff and hang) or I have to wait until Thursday morning (36 hours from stuff and hang). Am I being impatient or did I make a math mistake?


Here were my numbers (checked twice at scale and again on cure calculator) 



13608 Pork Shoulder 

34 grams Instacure #1 = .0024985 (156ppm)



9072 Pork Shoulder 

23 grams Instacure #1 = .0025352 (158ppm)




Any input would be greatly appreciated..Also if it improves flavor, I am fine with smoking at 36 hours versus 18.



Thanks in advance -




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Welcome to SMF...The color change to pink takes place when Heated. The cure in sausage works quickly, 1 hour or so. It can hang till June and there will be little indication there is cure in the sausage....JJ

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Thanks Jimmy - I did a couple of fry tests after emulsifying and had no sign of cure but that was minutes after addition. Big Relief! The fridge smells amazing


Better flavor/texture development at 18 hours in fridge then smoke or 32?

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Whenever you can get to it. Overnight is common but my students have gone longer based class schedule...JJ

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