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Semi-Dried pepperoni

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This is out of the Rytek Kutas book , page 373 . I followed the book , but had to adjust for a 3lb batch . Hung in the MES 30 to an IT of 145 . All, pork product  . Pulled and ice bath to 90 degrees . So I hung half  to further dry in a closet in my basement . 55 degrees @ 70 RH . temp is a bit higher than the books says . The other half I put in brown paper bags and in the meat fridge . I read a old post I think from nepas about the paper bag . So lets see how it comes out . 


Out of the ice bath these 3 go in the paper bag 


Hanging in the basement . 

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Looking good!  :drool



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I'll be interested to see how this comes out. When you say meat fridge, is this just a regular fridge that you happen to keep your meat in. I.E. no humidity control?



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Yes its just an old fridge  I use for storage , and holding meat tubs , brine buckets . 

Says to hang 7 to 10 days . So I geuss we will see then . 

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So ,, the 3 I have in the basement 70 % at 55 degrees look good . Nice color and losing weight . I'm worried about the safety of this since it's cure 1 . ?   I guess 7 to ten days is safe at the right temps , since it's cooked ? I'm asking because I'm here to learn . 



The 3 I put in paper bags in the fridge ... not workin out . Had to abort the bags . To wet . Maybe thats the idea , Not sure . it's still good , looks like store bought smoke sausage . 

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Pulled the 3 I had in the fridge . Put them in the oven at 225 to IT of 154 . Cooled on the counter for a bit then vac'd after a taste . It's good . Not Pepperoni , but good . Mind game thing , looks like smoked sausage , but taste like sweet Italian  , with some heat at the end . Kids liked it so that means something around here


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CS, You can send some my way !:icon_biggrin:

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That looks delicious CrazyMoon.     I bet they tasted fantastic.

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