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Eye of round #2

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I had bought 3 rounds(froze 2) when they were on sale ,decided to make up another batch of jerky.Nice price at 2.88/lb

Out if the pack and trimmed up


Here's the fixings for a two day brine

Onto the slicer and the results.


Here's the results after a few hours of hickory at 120 then bumped up to 170 slowly( 5-6 hours total ). Goes good with a cold beverage ! Thanks for looking !


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Being as you only made 3 pounds I take a pound for $2.88 any day LOL wish I could chew that like I use to.




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Richie , The round was 8 pounds before I trimmed the fat off, the smoker was chuckerblock full sir ! :icon_smile: Thanks !

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Nice jerky, CM. Even made up a plate for me, beauty!!



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DB, thanks for the point sir !

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:points:Awesome looking jerky, CM!!


I don't know why, but I've never made jerky!


Yours looks delicious!



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Oh yes!  Hard to beat jerky from the eye of round!


Points for making me hungry!

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Nice Looking Jerky   great job  points1.png



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Great looking jerky! I have a new recipe I need to try, wish eye round was that cheap here! $8.99/pound!

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Thanks all for the great comments and points  !Much appreciated !!!!!

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look like u did great there good luck with your other meat ! -trevor

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CM, nice jerky man ! icon14.gif
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