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Smoked vs Fried vs Steamed and baked wings

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I've made wings once in my Daniel Boone and a couple of times in the oven, but never fried them. I recently heard of steaming them and the. Baking / grilling for crisping up. I'm going to do about 10 lbs for the big game next week and am looking for the best method. I will probably not be coating in batter, just saucing when done. What do y'all think?
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Even if you don't batter your wing frying them is great for large batch and also has an awesome crispy skin
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That's kind of what I figured, but meant frying to be last resort, yet want the best wings possible for everyone
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I don't smoke wings, and I keep saying I am going to try too. Some beautiful looking hot wings on here too.


I cook mine sorta like Hooters. I dress up in skin tight satin running shorts... wait... cooking wings. I fry them first Then I toss them in a concoction I make with various heats, and tempered with a bit of honey. Its so hot as to remove the skin from your tongue, then that honey not only helps it stick good to the chicken, but adds a slight sweetness. AND sugar, especially honey cranks down that heat just a little bit.


I keep saying I will try other ways, especially a lady friend's, who now frys (like me) then smokes before she adds that sauce.


Yo, it's just a no brainer when you fry then toss, let dry, toss, let dry and grab some ranch dressing with celery and carrots. My secret, I am not paying 2.00+ a lb. for what we used to be crab bait, I wait for .39 cent hind quarters and use the drum sticks. Big meat, big flavor, and moist and juicy!

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You had me at the skin tight satin running shorts! Sounds very good. I agree 2.27 was the lowest price I found on wings around here this week, can buy 10lbs of leg quarters for 4 bucks all day long.
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I smoke the wings and then under high heat crispy them on the BBQ or under the broiler.

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Big batches of wings I smoke, and then crisp them up on the gas grill and then sauce.
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Alright, I think I will smoke them and then remove, crank the GMG up to 500 and crisp em up a bit. Hold them in a covered container in transit, sauce upon arrival.
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I really recommend trying this even if it's a little more labor. I picked it up from a Webber grill book ten years ago and every time friends/family come over for a get together they request it. It's almost a bi weekly meal now.
The recipe is for about a dozen full wings, multiply as needed!
1/2 cup EVOO
4 Tblspn fresh lemon (I often increase this a bit)
2 Tblspn minced fresh garlic
3 Tsp kosher salt
4 Tsp dried oregano
4 Tsp paprika
2 Tsp celery seed
2 Tsp cayenne pepper
Mix all ingredients in mixing bowel, pour into ziplock with wings and seal. Put in fridge 2-4 hrs, rotating every 30 min for even coat.

I used to marinade then do indirect high heat, but a few months back I got a MES and started doing low and slow 225 followed by crisping over direct medium charcoal grill. The smoker to grill gives texture and taste beyond belief!

Good luck!
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Not the most flattering pic, but the taste is amazing and they fall off the bone( I like that in chicken wings)

Plus or minus 1 hrs smoked at 225

Crisp over charcoal (or gas)

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Thanks for the recipe. That food looks great!
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