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Cold smoked pork chops

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Been wanting to try cold smoking pork chops for some time. Went for it yesterday, doing 6# of misc cheese at the same time. 

Marinated chops overnight in a spiced rum,soy sauce, brown sugar concoction. Cold smoked for 2.5 hrs using a mix of apple and cherry. 

Put that together with some acorn squash and tomatoe focaccia bread (store bought). No complaints with the outcome

The smoke flavor was good, wouldn't want it any stronger. Curious though..I have 2 more that I vac packed, going into freezer.  Will the smoke flavor mellow out over time like smoked cheese?




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Yes it will. Was it below 40 degrees in your smoker when you cold smoked the chops? That's the only safe way (without using cure) to cold smoke meat that you plan on cooking at a later date. The 40-140 in 4 hour rule still applies if your smoker pit temp was above 40 degrees.
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it was close but was below 40.  Thanks for the caution.  Something to remember next time

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If you only cold smoked them for 2.5 hours and then cooked them right away you would be OK.



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