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275 Gallon Oil Tank Build

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Hi all!

Long time lurker, first time poster.  


After picking up a 275 Gal fuel tank today, I'm trying to revive an old thread on the subject.


I like the design a lot but unfortunately the original poster stopped updating his project early on.

So in the interest of time and cleanliness I took the important bits and consolidated them.



Originally Posted by MikeMcKinney View Post


Tank came in at the following measurements:

67" Long by 42" tall by 261/2" wide:


Tank Volume: 275 Gallon

Firebox Dimensions: 36" High, 27" Wide, 24" Long  = 110.2% Size Differential

Chimney Diameter: 10" = 14.86" Length

Firebox Intake: 5" Long x 4" Wide = 3.5 Intakes needed.


I will be putting in 4 Firebox intakes (one on each side.) They will be regulated using sliding gates.




A 10" wide, 15" long chimney seems excessive. That's huge right? I read the explanation of the how large the its supposed to be but it seems like too much. Maybe an 8" x 25" pipe? 


 I don't quite understand the equation for the firebox intake, mostly why the original poster would want more than 2 intakes (one on either side of the firebox)?

That would make for 2 6"x 6" intakes. Why so large? Is it just so you have the option for that much airflow? 



Originally Posted by MikeMcKinney View Post


RF plate will be 14" from bottom of tank (1/3 the total height.) First Cooking Rack will be placed 5" above the RF plate. I believe I read on here somewhere it should be between 41/2" to above RF plate, but I may be wrong.

Another pic of side. Dotted line represents the RF plate. Solid lines represent cooking grates. Cooking grates will be 4" apart from each other.


View of the side where the FB will attach. Using Feldon's website, I was given the value of 21.80 as the diameter of the half moon opening, thus an 11" Radius.



The layout of the RF plate and Coking grates will allow me 7" of clearance from the top rack to the actual top of the Smoker. Should be just enough room to fit some chickens or other foods.



What are your guys' thoughts on 4" spacing of racks? Is this too tight a spacing for butts, full birds and briskets?



Originally Posted by MikeMcKinney View Post


I found it on the Feldon site.


Anyway, here is what I came up with as far as the RF plate length:


As the opening should be at least as large as the FB to CC opening (186.2") and the tank is 26.5" wide, then the RF plate should end 7.03" from the end of the Smoker.


Thus, 186.2" sq divided by 26.5" wide = 7.03" long. OR 7.03" times 26.5" = 186.3" square.


Therefore, with a total length of 67" for the smoker, i would need a RF plate of 60" and drill a 1" hole or two at the end to make up for the .03"





All of this is plenty to get me started and going for a good while. I'm definitely open to any suggestions as I get this project started. 

(Such as the best way to place the door(s) to the cooking chamber)


Thank you all for any help,


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Hey Patrick, Welcome to SMF!


I'm not a builder, but there are plenty of them on here to help you.


Glad you decided to finally join up!



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Thank you for the welcome Al!


After doing some more looking I found Cisweld has done the project I'm looking for. Maybe a couple tweaks here and the but I'll use his build as a guide.

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I think 4" would be way to close for pretty much anything, even ribs will be tight. 

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