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Pork Loins Today

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I picked up 8 Pork Loins yesterday from Albertsons. They were on sale at 1.49 #. Averaged about 6 lbs each. I smoked 5 of them today at 225 till they hit an IT of 147 then wrapped in foul and puut them in the ice chest for about an hour to rest. Then i uncovered and stuck them in the oven on broil for 4 min to sear/brown the crust. Taste creat, but why did i not get any bark? Not in the smoker long enough? Not hot enough?
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With loins you won't get a bark like you will with butts or shoulders. Loins cook too quick. Loins are better glazed like a ham.

Now over high heat you can get a bit of a crusts when I use my mini-WSM with the rotisserie the outside gets nice and crisp. But this is different than the bark one gets when doing a butt over a longer time frame. So if you're looking for that bark buy pork shoulder. Loins you don't want to cook more than you did.
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i think it would be hard to get bark on a loin without drying it out bark takes time to form. What did you use for a rub?
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Thanks Sailor, you confirmed what I was thinking.
B-one, applwood rub from WMart
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