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Great day today

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Oh yeah wether is good, smoker is roaring and the meat is on HooRah. Today I am smoking beef ribs and a brisket. Not a lot of room on the egg itself so this time i placed the brisket on a second tier to allow it to cool long and slow. I do hoe they achieve the goodness I got on my last smoked ribs. Goal this tme is to gook the brisket extra long getting internal temp to 220 to 230 for tenderness. Will post pics and tell ya once done later this evening. Oh I have come to my decison of getting an offset smoker once I get to our home in Tennessee or Alabama which evr comes first. THe idea of tending the fire on the side withou removing the meat lava rock seems more appealing

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Best luck on your smoke.  I would check the brisket with a probe starting around 180* IT rather than just letting it go to 220 - 230.  They are usually done before they hit 210*,  (In my experience).


:popcorn  I'm looking forward to your results.

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Will do. I had to shift to my Masterbuit smokers coals ran out and did want to play with is as the winds are strong. Thank ya

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Like Jack said, that is a very high temp for brisket or anything IMO.  Probe for tenderness and you're good to go.  Best of luck!



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It topped about 190 - 200 and came out perfect along with the ribs. Ribs fell apart right off the bone brisket was mosit tender and held together for a great bite. Sorry late post had to sample it LOL




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Looks like a real successful smoke Mrclean.  Congratulations.  Thumbs Up

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It was you all have help a lot THANK YA

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Delicious looking ribs and brisket....... well done! Not the meat's well done, the smoke was well done... well you understand ... I hope

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Thank ya more to come I am sure.

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Love dem bones!  Nice job 

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Everything looks great!


Nice job!



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Yep no more bones they fell off LOL

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