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14 lb brisket

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So I started smoking my first 14+lb brisket last night around 7 expecting it to take around 22 hours or so. According to my meat thermometer the brisket had an internal temperature of 195 by around 3 this morning. It's not a digital thermometer but it's never let me down before. I kept smoking as normal thinking there was no way it was done but now the temperature is well over 200 and I don't want to ruin the brisket?????
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Try probing the brisket at a bunch of spots with a tooth pick or skewer. If the pick slides in like butter its done. Wrap w/ foil and place in a small ice chest fill the air space in the chest with towels or a blanket and close chest. it will stay war for many hours,

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Thanks, I actually pulled it out and it was done. I don't understand cause it cooked really fast but it seems to be perfect!
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Not all cuts are created equal. Some take 22 hours, others take 12 hours. Use the probe test. If the skewer or toothpick slides in with no/little resistance then it's done. Wrap and place it in an ice chest packed with towels.

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Glad it turned out so well for you!


How about some finish pics?



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Well I already cut it up but here is a before pic....
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HI So how was the brisket??


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