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Farriers Wife

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Greetings All!  My name is Marty and my husband, Brian & I live in St. Victor, Saskatchewan.  We are hunters, fishers and gardeners.  If we don't grow it, hunt it or fish it - its not on our dinner plate unless we barter with friends who have FRO chickens, eggs, pigs or grains.  I pressure can most of our veggies and meat.  Started curing & smoking pork last autumn

after we acquired a live FRO pig.  What fun!  BearCarvers wisdom has been the best.  Our bacon & hams are so good.  I cured and smoked a turkey just for fun and it was so very good!   I am presently curing hams for a friend and threw a dozen pork chops in the brine after we had cured & smoked chops in Cabo San Lucas.  Yummy!  I have a Bradley smoker and I love experimenting with food.  I have a collection of about 200 cookbooks and if I can't sleep - I read cookbooks.  Brian is my grateful Guinea  pig!  As are many of our dinner guests.  Thank you all for sharing your knowledge, wisdom and recipes with a total rookie.

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Glad you found our site of use....  Great folks here willing to help and willing to listen to others on any food items....   



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Welcome to the forum Marty!  You sure don't sound like a "total rookie".  Keep on smoking!



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Welcome Marty! Bear gives great guidance.  Happy you found the site useful.  Your husband have a great name! ...and he even spells it the correct way!

Welcome again


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Its always good to find a married cooking team. My wifey can not run the smoker but she knows my rubs, slices and dices well, and keeps the smokers good and clean. In the daily dealings of tending to a 11 yr old punk a 2 yr old female terror and a 37 yr old man child cooking can be a chore for her. After being a team for 18 yrs we make it work.


Sounds like you two do.

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