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Pork loin smoked today, serve tomorrow?

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Hi all, I am smoking a two piece Costco pork loin today to take to a family dinner tomorrow. In the past, I soaked the loin in cranberry juice overnight and smoked the roast til 145 degrees it. I forgot to soak it this time, so I am going to rub it and weave bacon over it and cook til 145 it.
Last year I grilled hamburgers, then took them in a crockpot to a family dinner. They stayed warm and didn't turn into over done lumps of meat.
I plan to do the same with the loin. What I am thinking about is to refrigerate it after it is smoked, then tomorrow putting it in a crockpot set at warm with bbq sauce over it. will I kill the loin or what is the best way to cook one day then serve the next? The dinner is an hour and a half away and I have an outlet in my car that I can run my crockpot while I drive. Thanks.
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You've got it covered.


Crock pot is the way to go.



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This is what it started out as.  5 lb pork top loin roast with a Cabellas rub (forgot which one), pepper, Masterpiece bbq sauce.  Then I weaved bacon strips over it.  I put it in my Cabella's Premium Smoker (no I don't do all my shopping at Cabellas 80-)  ) at between 230 and 260 degrees (the control isn't the most solid in the world).  I cooked it for 5 hours to get to 145 degrees internal temperature using a Maverick et733 wireless thermometer.   



This is how it wound up:



I snuck a bite and it is awesome.  We are going to put it in a crock pot covered in bbq, then surround it with baked beans.

It will be the envy of the party.  

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Thanks Smokingal for your response.  

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Great looking finished pic Smokercub.  Thumbs Up

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That is a delicious looking pork loin Smokercub!

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Thank you!  I told the family I wanted to bronze it.  


I made baked beans and put a bed of the beans about 2 inches deep in an oval crockpot.  Then I sliced the roast and put it in half  of the crockpot.  Then I filled the other half of the crockpot with the rest of the beans. This sweetened the pork just right.  It was a total success.  


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Those Costco double loins are OK but I have found that the larger single piece loins from Walmart are much better. I have one rubbed up in my fridge which will be going into the smoker within an hour.

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Thank you! Always looking for new meats!
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