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Howdy from the Hill Country

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My name is Myles, and I am a high school Agricultural Science teacher by day and a custom knife maker by night. Over the past few years teaching we have built a few smokers and competition rigs but my students are always looking for the next project. They all seem to want to build a smoker and then expect me to be the expert on smoking meat and building the pit. (i can build it but the smoking process is still lacking) I can design and I can weld but I need to learn more on the actual cooking side of things so I figured this would be the best spot to learn the ins and outs of that and the students can also get ideas for their next project!

I am running a custom (student) built 150 gallon reverse flow. (this year's shop project)

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Welcome Myles

We are happy you joined.  I think the 150 is the perfect sized all around smoker.  Yours looks awesome.  We are happy you are here and I know with your background you'll be contributing well to the forum!


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Yes indeed!


Sounds like you have a lot to offer!


Welcome to SMF!



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