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Masterbuilt Oil Free Fryer

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Hey Guys,

I was wondering if anyone has one of these and what you think of them. I saw them on QVC once and was intrigued. How can it be called a fryer with no oil? It is really more of a roaster I guess.


Anyway, never really thought about getting one until tonight. Walking through Home Depot and they had one (display unit) on sale. It was $99.99 on sale for $24.99. I could not pass it up (even my wife agreed and it has a built in smoker tray).


So now I need to put it to work and see what it produces.


Suggestions welcome. 



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link, I have one that I purchased last year. For the most part I am happy with it but like you said it's more of a roaster. I have cooked turkey, chicken, pork roast in it and all have been moist and tender.  For the price you got it for I believe you will be happy with it. The smoker tray isn't great in my opinion, but I use because it's there and I always have wood chips available.

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Thanks Dave, that is what is was thinking as well. For the price I got it for I just wanted to give it a try. I will thaw out a turkey and give it a go. Thanks.
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I just got mine a few weeks ago.  I cooked a large turkey breast that I injected and it turned out great.  There aren't too many recipes floating around yet.  Any recipes you guys can share would be greatly appreciated and I'll be sure to do the same.

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Good price for creative marketing. Oil Free Fryer? Yeah and this Grill Pan is and Indoor Infrared BBQ System...JJ 



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lol, JJ Thumbs Up


That's the same marketing that Charbroil uses for The Big Easy.  I love it, but calling a "fryer"  is a bit of a stretch.

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Ok, so I finally got a chance to try this thing out. JJ I agree with you, no oil.. not a fryer. So I picked up two 5 lb chickens and got this bad boy out. 


I wanted to see what it could do so I did nothing to the chickens at all as far as preparation (brine etc..). One chicken S&P only and some homemade chive blossom butter under the skin.


Both chickens were at 165° to 175° in breast and thigh at 15 min per lb.


First chicken:








Second chicken a basil mix from Pampered Chef and Chive butter under the skin. 


I have to say these were probably the juiciest chickens I have made and my wife thought they were awesome (and this is really what matters right).


Clean up was easy, washed out the basket and into the dishwasher. washed out the cooker (very little mess).


I will use this again for sure. I see this going hunting with me and dropping a turkey and having it be done when we come back in for dinner.


Thanks for looking.


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Kinda like a big ol roaster crock pot, you use outside. Cool.
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Exactly. I think I am going to put a pork shoulder in it and see how it comes out. It even has a built in smoker box so I can drop some pellets in it.

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Ok, broke out the "Oil Free" fryer again to see how it does with a 13 lb turkey. After 2 1/2 to 3 hours this was done. Not only done, but done perfectly. This came out moist and juicy. I was going to take a picture of it cut up but forgot as the family was hungry. Imagine a turkey sliced up perfectly and displayed on the plate. That is what it looked like.


I am really glad i picked this fryer (roaster) it works very well.



Thanks for looking 


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Have you tried the smoker tray?

Where do you hunt? We have no where to plug in an electric device where we do!
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DS, I did use the smoker tray this time (forgot to mention this) and put in some beech pellets. It worked ok I guess. Never really saw the fryer filled with smoke but to be honest I did not really check it. I just put the turkey in and checked it 2 1/2 hours later.


The hunting property has a pole barn on it and we keep a camper parked in it. We ran power to the barn two years ago (best thing we did) so we were not always in the dark. So we do have that going for us.


Still no water.

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