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Deer sholder

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Has anyone had any luck with whitetail deer shoulder?   I do a pretty fair roast in the oven, but would really like to smoke one.  

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I've always used my shoulder for burger or sausage, but try smoking one and let us know how it turns out.
Heck I might try one next yr...
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I'd brine/cure it and then smoke it at around 225 until the IT got to around 150-160, then wrap it up for completion.
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I will definitely try that.     I have always ground it up for hamburger, or sausage.   Last time I roasted a shoulder in the oven it came out great .I put the deer shoulder in a pan, add 3 cups chicken broth.  Seal with aluminum. Bake for 6 hours at 200 deg.


Be sure and seal everything in the pan..

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