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Easy little chief mod

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Hey guys, new here. I did a lot of lurking before deciding to join here, very cool site. While lurking here and all over the net, I noticed the main mod for little Chiefs was to by a hot plate and swap out the burner and use the temp control. This works great but if your looking for a very fast and easy mod, here's what I did. I bought my first LC about 10 years ago and between a few moves and lots of use, I decided to replace it with a newer one. When I got the new one, I noticed the burner was slightly different (longer). While looking at Smokehouse Products website, I saw the BC burner on new versions is the same length as the LC. So I bought one and swapped it out. Almost a direct replacement besides the front burner support which doesn't matter. I now can get to 250 degrees with a 35 degree ambient in about 25 minutes.
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Sounds like a great mod!





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