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My first Fattie

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Sorry  no build or ingredient pics, phone was dead. I had the kids throw in there favorite ingredients. One made a pizza fattie and the other made a pulled pork fattie. One thing I would change is the amount of cheese, needed lots more cheese. I seen in someone else's photos a pan full of beans so I thought that sounded very good and made up some spicy cowboy beans to go with the fatties. Wow what a difference in flavor when the beans are done in the smoker.


IMG_20160127_171358682.jpg 945k .jpg file


IMG_20160127_171544000.jpg 1,012k .jpg file


IMG_20160127_171407161.jpg 953k .jpg file  

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These Pics are the same as above but I figured this was better, still learning the site:30:





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Looks great!  Making these is gonna be addictive. Made our first one last week.  I'm eating leftovers right now for lunch!


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Everything looks great!



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WS, nice job !

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Looks like you got the weave down. Nice sliced shots!

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