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40" Master built.

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Well after 7 or so years with my Bradley I decided to try the 40" masterbuilt. But now in the cold weather its not comparing at all. Its 28 degrees and inside a garage. and i cant get over 129 Degrees. That's set at 160 Degrees. Every once in a while it starts cooling down as if it was shut off. So i redo temp and time and it starts back. I never had this problem with my Bradley Any ideas before i get mad and toss this. Its less then a year old!
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I live in Florida, so I wouldn't be much help with this.


But I'm sure one of the MES guys will be along shortly to give you some help.



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Some additional details would be helpful.  You have it set at 160 and it's only getting to 129, right?  What kind of thermometer are you using to monitor the IT of your smoker?  MESs are notorius for the internal probes being off.  30 degrees isn't uncommon.  It's similar to mine.

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Mine did that before the control board and element went kapoot.

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I persobally would suggest calling Masterbuilt direct.


800 489 1581


You'll need your S/N and your Model No. Their customer service is really great IMHO, much better than the smoker's...>LOL


Call 'em see what they can do.

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