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Too Temder

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I smoked a batch of ribs using Jeff's rub and the 3-2-1 method, wrapping in foil the 2 hours.  The ribs were too done and all apart as I took them off the grate of the smoker. How much time and where should I cut back to get them not as done? Thanks, 

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You can just cut down on the foil time. Maybe 4-1-1, or


You may want to try my method of smoking ribs to temp rather than time.


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Hope it helps you.


Good luck



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Welcome!! There has been a discussion about ribs being fall off the bone or chew off the bone. It comes down to your liking. I would suggest that you cut the foil stage down to 1 hour. maybe try 4-1-1. This is one of the great things about bbq.....try different methods. Take good notes and you will eventually get your desired result!! :welcome1: :beercheer:

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Just wondering, if the ribs were baby back, or loin cut ribs they usually suggest a 2/2/1 time table.


But as mentioned just adjust accordingly as all smokers are different, and there are some surprize cuts of meat out there also. 


Me if its was slab of spare ribs, I hardly ever use the 2 in the middle. Also there is a very good read on here about using a thermometer to get perfect ribs everytime. I tried it and it worked great for me also. I am not too much for foiling. I always used the break over test and no foil, I just love that mouth bite better. 


Search for the "Perfect ribs everytime" thread and you might think about trying it also.

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I'll throw a crazy idea out there, don't foil. I prefer pork ribs, both baby backs and spares to be cooked the entire time on the grate. Depending on pit temp still figure 4-5 hours for BB, and 5-6 for spares.

Beef ribs, that's another thing. They really benefit from the braise while in the foil.
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