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Weber cold smoker basket.

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Just wondered if anyone had used the weber cold smoke basket?

Thoughts? As good as AMNPS and pro q?

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I have one & use it regularly. Since it uses chips it's more convenient to use.


However you have to add chips every couple of hours.


With Todd's AMNPS you can go 10 hours without adding pellets.


Todd is a member here, and a sponsor. 


His customer service is the best in the business.


I would go with the AMNPS.



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Todd also offers a tube version, which is nice if you want to conserve on space.  The larger tube will provide about 4 hours of smoke.

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Every couple of hours is a bit of a pain.

I've heard food things about the AMNPS and might well go for inenof those.

Thanks for the info! 👍
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